I’m Petter Berg, i work as a freelance photographer known for my commercial and lifestyle photography. Originally from Sweden, I now split my time between my hometown; Gothenburg, Sweden and Minneapolis, USA, where my wife hails from. My unique perspective on life and art is shaped by my experience in both cultures.

Coming from a passionate background in action sports, I also spent several years working as an art director and designer. This experience has given me a broad understanding of the creative process and a keen eye for detail. This allows me to fully understand the vision for a project and create high-end photography that perfectly aligns with your needs.

From capturing breathtaking action sports shots to crafting stunning visual narratives for clients, I bring a unique and valuable perspective to every project.

My work is focused on capturing the essence of people and places, and I have worked with a range of brands and agencies and traveled the world doing so. My portfolio includes a diverse range of projects, from adventure and outdoor photography to fashion and lifestyle campaigns.

Whether I’m shooting professional models or everyday people, I succeed in capturing natural and authentic moments.

Despite living on opposite sides of the Atlantic, I’ve been able to maintain a thriving career thanks to his ability to work remotely and travel as needed. I am constantly seeking out new opportunities and challenges and I’m always eager to collaborate with new brands and agencies.

If you’re interested in working with me, I will use my passion and dedication to make your project result in beautiful, authentic images.